Thai BBQ Mookata & Hotpot Buffet (Hot Deals)

From the 1st of August 2019 our restaurant will be charging an extra $1 for the refill post mix for BBQ buffet customers due to the increasing price of coke. If you would not like to consume the post mix, we will provide water free of charge.
  • All you can eat Thai BBQ Mookata & Hotpot Buffet $38.80 per person or
    child under 11 year old $19.4 per person
  • Unlimited post mixed soft drink fully self-service buffet
  • (Available Singha &Tiger beer on tap)
  • Buffet eating time limit - 90mins

Thai BBQ Take Home (pick up only)
  • For 2 person $49.80
  • For 2-4 person $81.80

Buffet Conditions Apply
  • Do not waste food
  • Additional charges up to $25 will apply
  • For excessive food wastage
  • Please do not return any uncooked meat or other food to buffet station
    (charge apply up to $100)